how to watch tiktok on tv

According to the recent statistics on TikTok, people watch nearly one billion videos daily on TikTok. The recent report shows that the users scrolling TikTok videos is increasing from time to time and has become a casual habit. But spending your valuable time on the phone rather than with family breaks the relationship. So, considering it, TikTok launches an option to watch TikTok videos on TV and get a wonderful moment with family.

Though there are many people watching TikTok videos on their mobile phones, they can’t enjoy the effect of the whole video on the mobile screen. There are top five screen mirroring apps to watch TikTok on TV. Those apps are:

  • MirrorMeister
  • AirBeamTV
  • APowerMirror
  • LetsView
  • LocalCast

With the above application, enjoy watching TikTok videos on the big screen with high sound effects. Without any cables or hardware, you can watch TikTok on TV with a one-minute installation of the apps as mentioned above.

Are you ready to increase the experience of seeing TikTok videos on the big screen? Continue to read the below step-by-step guide to know how to watch TikTok on TV.

How To Watch TikTok On TV By AirBeamTV App

Use the TikTok application to get the user-generated content because people on TikTok create 15 seconds video and share it with friends to create huge engagement and entertainment. There are millions of TikTok users sharing interesting videos to enhance likes count for their content. Though you can watch videos on your phone, tablet or computer, it has limitations. So most of them prefer to know how to watch TikTok on TV by using screen mirroring apps like AirBeamTV. 

Stream On TV With AirBeamTV

AirBeamTV screen mirroring application is a great choice for iOS and Mac users. Using the application provides a consistent performance in accommodating viewers with excellent unique features.

By installing the AirBeamTV app, it casts the screen and sound of your connected device. This application supports multiple devices like iPhone, iPad, laptop, or your desktop to connect with your smart TV. It means, you do not need any other cables, instead a good wi-fi network will be sufficient to connect your TikTok and watch videos on TV.

How To Activate TikTok TV?

Activate the TikTok application on TV with a few easy steps. Download the TikTok application on your television. After finishing installation, login with your existing TikTok account information. Once your login is successful, you can start to browse videos on your smart TV and enjoy them on the big screen. An alternative method to activate the TikTok app on your smart TV is to use some streaming devices like Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku. To utilize these features, install the TikTok app on your streaming device and login with your TikTok login details. Once done, you can start browsing videos.

Also, cast your phone or tablet to your TV. But how to activate TikTok on TV? To make it successful, open the TikTok application on your phone and start to play a video. Then click on the cast icon present and select the required TV from the devices. When casting gets over, you can enjoy watching TikTok videos on your TV.

Steps To Mirror TikTok On TV

Mac, iPad, and iPhone users also have an option to cast their screen on television. It can be done with the help of AirBeamTV screen mirroring application. The following are the steps to be followed to connect the screen of your phone to TV.

Step 1: Install the AirBeam TV application on the required device.

Step 2: Join it with your smart TV using the wi-fi network.

Step 3: Click on Start Mirroring option available on AirBeam TV app and connect your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Step 4: Play your TikTok videos and enjoy watching it on the big screen.

How To Screen Mirror TikTok On Mac Laptop?

AirBeamTV is a powerful application that helps to screen mirror any devices to your smart TV. Here are the steps to be followed to screen mirror your TikTok on Mac.

  • Download the application through the App store.
  • Go to the menu bar available on the top of your Mac screen to launch the application.
  • Confirm whether your Mac laptop and smart TV are connected to the similar WiFi. If not, connect with the same network.
  • Select your smart TV from the list of devices available on the Mac screen.
  • Then, select ‘Start Monitoring’ and click on the TikTok app on your system to enjoy watching videos on your TV.

Why Is My TikTok Not Connecting To TV?

Do you have issues connecting TikTok with your TV? Here are some common issues that people face during screen mirroring.

Check Your WiFi Network

The screen mirroring application will not work if your mobile phone and TV are connected to a different WiFi. So, it is necessary to check whether both the devices connect with the same WiFi network. The AirBeamTv app also will not work if you use multiple networks. Also, check whether your TikTok application is updated to the most recent version. 

How To Watch TikTok On Roku TV?

Roku TV is another popular screen mirroring method to access TikTok. You can access your content conveniently between TV and your device to watch TikTok videos. Roku is not an application but an external stick that connects with your smart TV with a HDMI plug. It connects to all smart devices within your TV limit. 

Screen Time Restriction App – Famisafe

Since TikTok is unsafe for children, there is an engaging application to protect children by watching unsafe videos. Famisafe is an app to protect children from monitoring their watches. It is the best parental control app that benefits from providing screen time features. Parents can set the screen time and if the child exceeds watching the screen time, it will lock automatically.


TikTok is an engaging social media platform where users can find dance challenges, lip-syncing videos, educational or cooking tutorials. So, to enjoy watching TikTok videos, make it sync with the smart TV to watch amazing videos on the big screen with families and friends.