Applications that allow you to design your home virtually are known as virtual room design apps, and they can be found on both the web and mobile platforms. AR and VR elements in the app let you take a photo of your living room, kitchen, or dining room and see if the furniture and paint you’ve picked are a good fit for the new space you’re creating for your design project. You may begin the process of creating a new blank room layout by specifying the measurements of the required space. You may build the space of your dreams with the aid of a home planner tool and virtual room mobile app design, whether it’s a master plan or a basic plan. Before making a significant financial commitment to a home design project, have a look at some of these user-friendly applications.

In the meanwhile, if you’re curious about how to virtualize your space, this post provides a list of the top virtual design programs and online house planners.

The 5d Planner

In terms of virtual room design software, Planner 5D is one of the most feature-rich and user-friendly 2D/3D solutions available. It’s possible to customise furniture, walls, floors, and more to do with a variety of colours, patterns, and materials all in one place. It allowed you to construct blueprints without having to measure or sketch them. Using the app’s 2D model, you may build floor plans and furniture configurations for your house. It’s possible to experiment with 3D effects to change your design in any direction. If your furniture isn’t quite the right size, try experimenting with other item sizes. It is also possible to use this app’s snapshots feature to capture a design in a real-world setting. It’s a must-have for everyone who pays attention to the finer points of design and aesthetics.


With the Roomstyler, you can create, style, and redecorate your house in any manner you can imagine. You’ll find a wealth of creative inspiration for your home’s design and styling. The floor plan may be uploaded for alteration if you have your own, or you can use preloaded room layouts if you don’t have one. To pick among over 120,000 branded objects, you may rotate the cameras around the design. With this software, you may choose from a variety of interior design elements to customise the look of your house.

Tools From Ikea For Planning Your Home

Using the Ikea Home planner, you may arrange your living area to perfection. You may use this software to design or remodel your kitchen, closet, or living room. This well-designed tool for house planning can assist you in creating a floor layout. This program creates a three-dimensional model of a space that may be customised in terms of furniture placement, style, and colour. The room arrangement may be changed and resized. It also allows you to utilise its furnishings to determine if the couches you want will fit in the room or not. Using this software, users may share their ideas via social networks, email, and embed code on a web page. This is a fantastic feature. As a bonus, it displays the price for each piece of furniture in its inventory, allowing you to estimate the total cost of your design project.

Neo Foyr

Foyr Neo is the best option for creating stunning 3D floor plans or interior designs for your house or workplace. With this one-stop-shop, you can get from a floor plan to a finished drawing in less than an hour. Among the features of this program are 3D rendering, floor planning, house design, and 3D modelling. Selecting materials, colours, or plans for your area is made easier with this function. For just $49 a month, you can try it out for 14 days. It’s great for beginners because you don’t require any CAD or CAM skills.


The drag-and-drop features of Homestyler, an online virtual room builder, make it easy for anybody to create a home of their own. Using this tool, you may design your dream home and floor plans. 500 3D items or 25 different materials for walls, flooring, and furniture are included. 3D floor planner, model library, or visual staging all fall under this app’s product and service area. Everything from cabinets to appliances to furnishings may be selected using this app’s d├ęcor and furnishing function. You may also use a snap grid to alter furniture components.

Final Words

Now you may design the living area of your dreams! The development of cutting-edge virtual room design software and tools in today’s tech-driven world has revolutionised the interior design industry. With the aid of these home designer apps, you can pay close attention to the smallest details of your home design plan. You’ll have a fantastic time utilising these applications if you’re interested in creating or redesigning your home’s interior.